1st Place Gent Regionals (undefeated): Special place in hell

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This is the deck that I played during the Gent Regionals. It went undefeated against Smoke, 2xKate and 2xWhizz. My Dyper Kate went 3-1 with a game-loss against Moons (PioT and Dirty laundry) and wins against PE, Blue Sun and SOL.

This is a variation of my previous deck with which I won Den Haag SC. Yet after the latest MWL update, the deck was a bit broken after both MCH and Bio-ethics got hit. Yet with the addition of a few new cards, everything became better than it used to be.

*Goodbye worthless GFI, Obokata is here. The ability on GFI rarely mattered; and it was too often 2 free points for the runner. Obokata is way better and such a tempo hit if the runner tries to steal it. And when they go all-in after you got the lock, they are often unable to pay the cost. Beautiful card.

*You don't need MCH to spam Temples and a museum. You needed it to keep your hand clean by abusing heritage. Heritage was also used to filter your deck for good cards. DBS can filter and stop you from flooding, while the new Miraju can keep 1 or 2 agendas safe in HQ. Miraju is just so disgusting, after a while you get your agendas exactly where you want them, making it almost impossible for your opponent to steal them.

*Elisabeth Mills is no longer needed, because nobody is playing Slums anymore. Ain't that great!

Other Choices

*Gemini, you need a lot of cheap but spiky ICE. Komainu for example is amazing for that. I picked gemini over other options because it's annoying and so ridiculously expensive to break. So it's good to protect your remote and your central. Also I got a kill with it.

*Bamboo Dome. I wanted more filtering/quality draw. DBS is often targeted by runners, and Bamboo dome is already protected by R&D ice. It's a good card and I like it, yet it is a flex slot. You could play psychokinesis or an extra ICE/asset if you want.

*Cerebral Static instead of other currents. Yes it is expensive, but I'm not looking to win the current war. I can't. It's too easy for runners to recur theirs. Cerebral static is only played in Mid-late game or against Whizz. If they trashed something last turn, and you play this. He won't have his recurring creds next turn, even though he plays a new current. In this case cerebral static gives you a small econ bonus while clearing a current. Never play it before the runner plays one.

Round 1: 'The One aka Neo' with Smoke It's only his second tournament. For an experienced player it can be challenging to play against prison, but for a new player ... . I start with Temple double sundew. He trashes my two sundews, but was unable to play an econ card. I just kept spamming while he had to recover from his turn one. He got some pokes on R&D, but eventually he got choked by the full lock.

Round 2: Clerqie with Reg ass Whizz I got an amazing start, and he can't keep up with the spam. I was able to put him under some early pressure with early bio-ethics. That gave me time to protect some Hostiles and lock it in.

Round 3: Q with Prepaid Kate I mull into 3 agendas 2 assets and a voter. I probably make the mistake by installing 2 and gaining a cred. This is just like shouting you 're flooded. He gets a turn one film critic and by turn 2 he has 3 points and an obokata on Critic. Luckily I win the PSI for voter, but he steals it out of archives, before I can save it, by paying the iron price. 6-0 and no board state this looks bad. Yet I'm able to recover and get some basic protection on my centrals and start poking with bio-ethics. Those pokes pay-off and he's losing key cards like mimic and CC, and it keeps him busy. When he can no longer contest the minimum of my board state, he goes all in on R&D and eating a komainu. Next ICE is Gemini and guess what I'm gonna boost by 3.

Round 4: Ronzacapa with Reg ass Whizz I'm the only person on 15 so we play some games Carcassonne instead. I did beat him though :).

Top cut game 1: Q with Prepaid kate Q again, yet this time I'm not flooded. He does get an early astrolabe but can't contest the spam. He pokes HQ with mimic seeing a komainu and only pays 2 (instead of 4) since he is not happy with his cards. After that, he runs R&D and sees a cortex lock for 4 net. Short game.

Top cut final: Ronzacapa with Reg ass Whizz I start by protecting a sundew turn 1. He does a great job contesting the remotes. Yet the constant protection of one remote makes it hard even when he clears it. He scores a Fetal AI from HQ, and that gives me a bump in tempo. He is starting to lose control and starts building up a Kati while still contesting. He ends his turn with one cred and 9 on Kati, perfect time for Voter. A few turns later the board is lost and he checks R&D, sees Chiyassi and is too poor to install paperclip and break it. 3 cards in hand, no IHW.

26 Jul 2017 k.art

Weren't you tired of shuffling? On a more serious note, did you ever go to time? That's a problem I always had with grind decks in tournaments. You play runner first, then corp, you are behind because runner lucksacked an early agenda and then runner starts thinking very hard.

26 Jul 2017 clercqie

'grats on another tournament win. Selling your soul to the devil clearly payed off. :)

26 Jul 2017 ryanbantwins

@k.artI like to shuffle out of solidarity, they had to shuffle too when I was playing Dyper so :p. Time hasn't been an issue for me. Every round, I still had like 15-30 minutes left on the clock. It helps that Dyper is a quick deck ofc. Yet I do think that most glacier decks take more time to play than a prison deck. If you're a quick player and you have a fast runner deck, going to time shouldn't be an possibility. And if your opponent is deliberately slow-playing you just call the judge (shouldn't be needed in a friendly environment).

@clercqieThere is a discount for loyal customers.

26 Jul 2017 Cluster Fox

slow clap :P