SNAREPAD... in Space!

greyfield 3902

Testing with the original, NEARPAD-like version of this deck with City Surveillance, revealed that runners have a much better economy these days than you expect - even anarchs seem to be swimming in credits thanks to Day Job. So this version goes with the original City Surveillance of Snare!, with the additional perk of being able to fetch additional Snares out of your deck with Executive Boot Camp immediately before the corp accesses HQ. This in turn lets the deck run a much more stable economy in Marked Accounts, the silver bullet of Elizabeth Mills (vs. NoiseShop, Personal Workshop decks, and Valencia), and better ice.

20 Mar 2015 MoonlitAllie

I love this idea, but I'm curious how you will try to score The Cleaners, as you do not have any advanceable traps to bluff them out as?

20 Mar 2015 greyfield

Build a scoring server, same as ever. At the end of the day, Weyland's agendas are crap.

20 Mar 2015 OrmsbyGore

Honestly with only 11 ice total, and only 7 of which actually end the run, dropping lower as Hive gets less useful... can you reliably build a scoring server? Might be worth dropping some assets for more ice. I don't think DRT does a lot in here, since Snare is your only way of tagging the runner, and counting on the runner to take some on their own just to make DRT do a little bit of work feels clunky to me. If you take that out, The Cleaners could be swapped for something like High Risk Investment or Government Contracts, or honestly just more copies of NAPD, which seems to go really really well with Gagarin.

Also, why Liz?