Oxford Snek Draft (Corp)

hemraa 164

published by AlwaysBeRunning.net

10 Dec 2019 Cliquil

OK. I give up. What was going on here? :D

10 Dec 2019 hemraa

@Cliquil The plan was to walk the line between Greenhouse (advancement) and Brewery (damage), using peoples perception/fear of murder to slow them down enough to just score out. My basic deck idea didn't actually change too much from when I was aim for RP (before being hate drafted).

The main plan was to just blast out cards faster than the runner could deal with, and using ICE as appropriate for the runner. Unfortunately I was too cautious with my ID flip the two times I picked Greenhouse, and maybe could've done a lot better if I had flipped it earlier. I did get to fire Paper Trail on a stacked Kati though which felt good.