Custom Biotics - Trashing the Sentry

steevo15 110

Decklist I used at my local game shop's league event, Iain Sterling vs. Custom Biotics. It went 2-0, these were the only two times I played the deck.

This deck contains mostly sentries. The idea here is that it makes basically every other breaker except Killers a dead draw. Also, I only have to worry about trashing one type of breaker with a piece of ice, power shutdown, corporate troubleshooter, or agsec. Wraparound is there for mid-late game gear check, and hopefully make it so you can sneak out an agenda. In the two games that I played I actually never landed a corporate troubleshooter or a power shutdown. The econ can sometimes be kind of light, since there isn't that much burst, so you have to wait for drip econ like adonis. There are 20 pieces of ice and 3 jacksons so usually you can afford to use accelerated beta test.

I'd like to keep testing this deck, because it's kind of fun to play with.