Ship Sh4pe


Try not to pay full price for anything....

General Idea / Setup: Use World Tree, Spark of Inspiration and Into the Depths to pull your ICE and other programs (Slap Vandals are there for World Tree fodder). So Ayla's ability and a mulligan (if necessary) are key to try and start with at least one of those, ideally World Tree and a Slap Vandal. Apart from programs, World Tree is key for getting your good hardware and resources up. You can trade a DZMZ optimizer for Lilypad. And if you need help getting into R&D, you can use a more common No Free Lunch or Telework Contract to swap out for; Beatriz Friere Gonzalez and Eru Ayase-Pessoa to create alternate routes.

Early Game: Just try and get set up, but, if possible, take opportunities to run with The Makers Eye, Jailbreak etc. (Slap Vandal can be used to help make early runs to trigger World Tree and then swap it out for a proper ICEbreaker).

Flexibilty: Be patient and then eventually brute force your way into R&D and/or remote servers once you've got your suite of ICEbreakers up. Buff that with double K2CP Turbines and just keep on top of econ. You've got a couple Pinhole Threading to deal with upgrades if needs be... OR Run centrals regularly. If R&D is locked down too tight, then you've got alternate routes through Beatriz and/or Eru (using No Free Lunch to remove the tag Eru gives you).

Oh, and try not to pay full price for anything! ;P (use World Tree and Spark of Inspiration etc...)

Feels pretty damn satisfying every time you pull off a cool combo to start bringing your engine online, and that happens really often with this deck. Good luck, have fun!