Magnum Opus Smoke 4-3 at Worlds 2017

Bandura 307

I really wanted to play Hayley along the lines of that of team UK. However, that deck is much more skill-intensive than this one. Going into my first large tournament, I wanted something simple and reliable. So here it is.

Really should have done 5-2, but I lost 1 game to a mistake. I forgot Aginfusion's ability right after I managed to win a prolonged battle over IT Department. Tunnel vision I guess.

Magnum Opus and Earthrise Hotel work very well together. Some games I did not need to click to draw at all. Stealth gives accesses, and Maw makes them count.

My utmost respect to Dan for his sportsmanship. He did not get at all mad after missing Feedback Filter with 2 Neural EMP out of a 3-card hand.

Worlds was a great experience. Amazing game, amazing people!

7 Nov 2017 NoahTheDuke

You used Core Set cards, not Revised Core Set cards, in case you wanted to fix that.