Eternal Sunny

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After years of playing Sunny and testing several strategies, the main issue is still her slow speed, due to her larger deck size of 50 cards. The fact that the Corp knows she is rather slow, means that the Corp will even put more pressure early on. Nevertheless, I love playing Sunny (in Eternal format) and this is my decklist trying to build around her speed/setup problem.

There are some deck-building choices I am not sure about, so feel free to provide any tips! Things I tried in the past include: importing Rezeki for more steady income, using any kind of console, like Forger (for the 1 link) or Security Nexus (for the 1 link + bypass effect). Security Nexus never really worked for me as it was too much of a setback in credits. I also tried White Hat and Another Day, Another Paycheck in the past, but both didn't feel worthy to me. The effect of White Hat felt rather situational to me and getting a lot of money due to the Current, is mostly only pulled of when you are already very rich and gain like 3 to 4 credits at the start of each turn.

Some other considerations: is The Archivist worth slotting without any tutoring ability, 4 influence is big for a single card I mostly don't get to install during the game? Do I need more cards to make use of the 5 to 6 link I will build up to during the game? Feel free to provide any thoughts :).

Finally, I did consider cards like Dirty Laundry or Jailbreak, but my type of Sunny deck is mostly setup to run less often, but go big when I do run (Deep Data Mining, Divide and Conquer, Mad Dash, paired with Black Hat). Then there is also 2x Same Old Thing to re-use any of those events.

Thanks in advance for any feedback :D.

23 Jan 2023 Diana.Aine

Eternal Sunny of the spotless mind