[OKORINA] Puppet Master

manveruppd 34

A few people expressed some curiosity about this deck. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I put it together an hour before the tournament with only the vaguest idea of how it would actually play. Depending on draw and matchup I would either install ambushes naked and unadvanced, sneaking in ARESs or Beales among them, or I would put them behind a remote and stack free advancements while waiting for the RPC/Biotic combo to show up (it never did). Deck went 2-3 on the day.

7 Jun 2020 Cliquil

I do think Puppet master is an interested ID to pick. And I always love a ruse deck :D

7 Jun 2020 manveruppd

Yeah it was interesting, but since I built it an hour before start I didn't put nearly enough thought into it.