49 Correct Cards and Maxwell James (1st NA Champs)

itsbigfoot 2957

Used Maxwell once all day, it should be a polop. This is a cv val I've been working on in some form since zero was spoiled several months ago, props to the people I tested with for tweaking suggestions. Last minute I thought about adding the polop, but didn't get enough testing to audible so I decided against it, it's definitely the right call though as it hits Rashida against everybody and is a massive swing against CI, Glacier and PU. If you can find enough slots I could see going to 3x breakers and cutting turtle for more polop, but the only really loose slot is mad dash.

Regarding the tournament drama, all I'm going to say is that I expected better from several people and it's disappointing. It comes off as immature and cliquish and doesn't really help anything. You're allowed to not like someone but acting like a jerk about it just makes you a jerk. It's an awkward position, because I am genuinely friends with some of the people involved and do think they mean well, but I disagree very strongly with how they handled the whole thing and really wish they just took the high road on it instead of acting the way they currently are.

6 Aug 2018 itsbigfoot

Also, Back2back gencon is ez

6 Aug 2018 clercqie

Congrats on the back to back!!

Some small things -- since practically every Val list is tweaking in the margins :)

  • You still value the Mining Accidents so highly? Seems like they've fallen out of favor with some other high-ranking Val lists / players..

  • No D4vids? You didn't had problems with Archer / Surveyor / Jinteki big ice?

6 Aug 2018 itsbigfoot

A lot of people are going back towards asset lists as vals economy isn't actually that good, also the earlier you have it the more likely it lands.

David is fine but I already have issue running turtle without recursion as it's often injected out. 3 stimhack fills a similar role to adding david while staying flexible in other matchups like ci.

7 Aug 2018 wedgeex

Netrunner Nationals are good and easy to win.