MaxXdirection (copied from yads)

rapanui 4

I copied this deck from yads (he got 3rd place at Can Nats) because: 1. MaxX is "easy mode" if, like me, you like free card draw. 2. Adding Misdirection seemed like a brilliant call in this meta. 3. He did very well with it.

As it turns out, this deck is good enough to take a thoroughly mediocre try-hard to a decent finish (11th out of 58) in a field of extremely good players. Missed the cut on SoS.

How to play it: Find Patchwork early. Use it to rapidly set up your econ. If they want to tag you, play Misdirection. If they want to asset spam you, play Hacktivist. If they are glacier, play Stimhack. If they are PE... uh... good luck?