GameNet Vlad FA (3-1 NYC CO)

lanzaa 8

A typical fast advance deck utilizing both seamless launch and vlad grid.

Create a taxing remote server (gold farmers and tollbooths mostly) and go from there. An early remastered score is very useful as it helps you score from hand.

If the runner leaves you with a 2 advancement vlad, you can score out a 5/3 (including a fat beale) with a remastered counter (IAA, 2 from vlad, 1 from remastered). You can also seamless a vlad, install a 3/2, advance, and score that out as well.

Runners will be able to get through your scoring server, but usually at a huge cost.

The engrams are a nice surprise on the centrals, mostly RND. I like to go for programs so the runners have a harder time getting through the big taxing ice.

Like most FA decks, clot can be an issue hence the 1x mavirus. Pre-installing your agenda and hoping the runner is too poor to run is your best bet here.

1x gameover because I didn't know what to throw in as my 49th card. I drew it many times, never used it once.

This deck won my first 3 games through the fast advance power, though my last game I was flooded and the runner was able to put a lot of pressure on RND and with deep dives.

Unfortunately my runner games were not as good and I overall placed 12/18.

With midnight sun now out, I am not sure what the future of this deck is, but it has been very fun to play.

Shout out to the players and Cat for running a great event.