Shadow of the World Tree (4-1, 17th @ EMEA)

rubenpieters 207

What do you do when you don't feel comfortable bringing World Tree Ari?

You play something you have confidence in and are comfortable with.

Are there any new strategies with this deck, it looks similar to the previous versions?

Not really, but Trick Shot is busted so we play 3.

Why is Mystic Maemi in this deck?

For good luck. Last minute I didn't feel like bringing Clot. Maemi is an inf usage I tested at one point and had felt okay.

Did Mystic Maemi do much?

Not really. I think it might've been installed only once on the day.

Did you make this writeup just to complain about placing 17th on extended SOS?


Why did you make an elden ring dlc pun for a non-World Tree deck, wouldn't it have fit those decks better?

I see it more as this deck standing in the shadow of the World Tree decks, like many other Shaper decks are atm.

Thanks to all organizers, volunteers, players, fellow taibreakers etc. for a really amazing event!

2 Jul 2024 AlPi

Haha, this is such a funny writeup :D

3 Jul 2024 HaverOfFun

Yeah ESoS is so wrong for doing you like that!

3 Jul 2024 ayyyliens

And slowly swift LAT is assimilating every Belgian into its cult...

4 Jul 2024 Wenjong

Pour one out for the Church of Swift Lat ^^

Great deck and amazing write-up!

8 Jul 2024 sdddfefrswdfb

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