San Sans Breakers - 2-3 at Crown of server 2022 - Shaper

Diogene 3941

For Crown of servers 2022, we (itsjreal, is44ru and me) decide to go with glacier corps and breakerless runners. We finally decided on the theme the day before the event, which made us rather less practiced with our decks. It was a lot of fun and seeing the eyes of the corps when they understood that we had no breakers whatsover added another layer of fun. The cherry on top was seeing is44ru breakerless Always Be Running Adam win! Considering that list was created mere hours before the event, what an achievement it is! I can't wait to read the list.

This deck won on stream. There is no audio for most of the stream, but the game is pretty clear.

The team was pulled up in the ranking by the admirable performance of itsjreal, with a breakerless Sable and Azmari glacier. We finished 16 out of 41.

The list is the same as the startup breakerless lat. Because it was standard, I could put in Misdirection and Beth Kilrain-Chang.

Congratulation to all who participated and a huge thanks and unending admiration to the judge and organizer of the event : you did an astounding job at running the event that went smoothly.


10 Oct 2022 Bazza

I love the lineup of breakerless decks. I am really looking forward to trying out the breakerless Adam; the talk about how to Adam have given me a lot of things to think about and try out. This one looks like a lot of fun. Great stuff!