more NEH Bullshit (2x Store Champ winner)

Crunchums 325

2/21/16 - Battleground Games & Hobbies (42 players)

Calimsha's Bullshit NEH is a good deck. I dropped the Resistors for Wraparound #3 and Little Engine #2 because this meta is silly and dumb (I corp'd against 6 different players; all of them were playing Faust), and it was a good change.

3/6/16 - Relentless Dragon (19 players)

29 Feb 2016 Halflingspy

I'm guessing the Swordsman is in there for all that Faust these days? It's definitely a good move.

Have you had any luck with 15 minutes? I've been tempted to use it, but hesitated.

29 Feb 2016 Crunchums

@Halflingspy - Yes, Swordsman is for Faust. I didn't manage to land it; it's so standard that everyone installs their killer first. 15 Minutes is definitely correct. It's pretty unusual that you want to bother with using Breaking News to trash resources (although I did do it once on the day), whereas winning a game because you were able to shuffle back 15 Minutes happens all the time.