Valencia leads Crimson Dust

Inermis 745

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Win against Skorpios
Lost against HB Moon (Matuszczak) (close game)
Win against Titan
Win against Tennin
Lost again CTM (Ojciec) (stupidly went tag-me to early)
Win against AgInfusion

3 Sep 2017 hsiale

How do you put Salvaged Vanadis Armory to good use? I tried it and could never manage to take a lot of damage during a single turn, Respirocytes worked way better for me, adding cheap draw.

3 Sep 2017 Inermis

You don't imagine how many players rez DNA Tracker or Komaniu against this deck. :)
And of course after stealing Obokata Protocol.
But if you not play against any of the above, then just wait for 2-3 card combo. I most of the time fire for 5 cards using self-damage by combination of Ribs/BrainCage + Mad Dash + Dadiana Chacon.