Uund Nuutzen! [2nd place Belgian Nationals 2017]

anr_marsellus 1336

This is the Kit deck that led to me finishing 2nd in this year's Belgian Nationals. I already played a very similar Kit two weeks before and finished 3rd in Hungarian Nationals.

Your main breaker is Study Guide, which you pump up as quickly as possible using Multithreaders and Stimhack if necessary. With support by Lady and Shrike and/or a Femme you can get in more or less everywhere. Tinkering negates scoring windows, Film Critic negates Obokata, TFP and QPM. Maya is cheap extra MU (and can work nicely with Citadel Sanctuary). The jank spice is Film Critic + The Price of Freedom + Mad Dash - which can squeeze out an extra agenda point if needed.

The deck does really well v Glacier decks and Jinteki, while you need to be lucky and play to your outs v CtM and CI (which right now dominates the meta). So version 2.0 that I am testing right now reflects this.

14 Nov 2017 Elodius

Grats on the finish ! Especially for using my favorite flavor: jank spice !

14 Nov 2017 Kelfecil

Not the kind of shaper tricks list that would be to my liking, but it worked wonders for you so huge congrats on the placement with it dude. Expert piloting plus smart deckbuilding did the work!

I absolutely love the jank spice; Price of Freedom the Film Critic into Mad Dash. So gonna try that out cuz it looks amazing.

Extra points on the one-off Notoriety! :D

4 Dec 2017 CowboyHatValor

Was skeptical of the Study Guide / Multithreader efficiency, but took this list with slight alterations to a nearby GNK this past weekend and it went undefeated.

Thanks for sharing the deck!