Don't bring Endurance to Nats challenge (Difficulty: EXTREME

Veronica 187

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When I decided I would go to Dutch Nats, I really wasn't sure what deck I wanted to play. I don’t play a lot of Standard, I didn’t have my own testing group to swipe ideas from. Endurance is all everyone was talking about on the internet, but I really didn't feel like playing the boat.

And then I remembered an old Smoke list I used to enjoy. This was a rotation or two ago, but as it turns out that while some of the individual cards changed, the skeleton of the deck was mostly the same.

And it was a fun deck that I felt confident piloting that didn't run Endurance. What more does a girl want?

The answer is Misdirection, btw. Fortunately, this deck has that, SMC's to find it, and even Mantle to pay for them when you get hit by the news.

Otherwise, you’re running a ton of event economy since your console is Aniccam, and once you’re set up you use recurring credits to get in, disrupt the corp’s servers, and then Deep Dive to close out a game.

Keen readers may have noticed the absence of Clot. This was intentional. Going into the tournament, I expected very little fast-advance and a lot of Jinteki. As it turns out I only played against PE once, but I also only played against fast advance once, so I guess I am about even there.

I considered running Buffer Drive, but the GLC folks sensibly talked me into DJ Fenris for Steve Cambridge instead.

In general, I'm glad with the deck I brought and the result I got. I don't play a lot of Standard, so top 8 out of 21 seems like an accomplishment to me. I would like to thank everyone that attended for a fantastic afternoon. Congratulations to Anna for destroying the competition and taking first place.

Getting to break Fairchild 3.0 for 4 credits is a good deal, you should do that.

Only change I wish I had made was 3x Overclock and 2x Into the Depths. Getting set up faster with SMC should’ve been a higher priority.

6 Nov 2022 Council

Yaas. Congrats on the finish.

6 Nov 2022 valerian32

Cool deck!