Diversion of Bombs - UK Nats 2018 Best Adam (just)

pord 29

Took this deck to UK nats. Got the highest place adam in the tornament (51/132). It was a close tornament for the adams (all 3 of us) and I was in last place until the last round... leading adam lost 0-2, next one ID'd 1-1 and I swept 2-0. Every adam got a total of 8wins 6losses. However they each had 1 timed win, but mine were only straight sweeps all night.

I took this strange way to play adam due to the fact I was unable to make the sunday, so just came for fun. DoF came in handy a few times though hehe.

What I faced:

Round 1: LOSS

Gargarin - This was a quick match. They got an early SIV (with better econ than me) and judge into hpt. I was still only hand size of 3 due to not finding an agenda. Meh.... happens

Round 2: WIN

Sports - Round 1 Estrike and dof kept them poor while. I was then able to by this time score 3 agendas. With multiple runs I managed to keep them poor and was able to run where I liked without having to worry about them scoring. Was a fun game where I only played a few cards in the end. Econ 2 breakers and chip. Used shadow net on one of the 1 pointers to run DoF again which helped when they finally got some econ. Ran where I wanted and scored what I wanted. Loads of fun and opponent was great fun

Round 3: LOSS

Palana - (@Highwire) with Stinson. Had loads of money and I had none. I was unable to contest before they were able to score. Then when I did a run they threw some cards back into stack due to the trap. Frustrated and unable to content he was massively ahead and I never caught up. Still a fun game to play - One day my adam will get you!!!

Round 4: WIN

PU - started out with hand size reduced from current I played strike. They archive and replay current. I play another strike. Needless to say this went on a while till all 3 of my Estrikes were in the bin hehe. I was able to keep them poor again and was able to get good old Steve Cambridge down which gave me more cards for the damage and was able to get strike back out. Finally came down to a win with 1 card in stack left. Cambridge is so nice to have vs this sort of deck where you pressure a lot and keep getting cards back

Round 5: WIN

Gargarin - Turn 1 score government takeover. Was unable to get any more after that for ages. They scored an SIV/Judge on me and kept me so poor for a long time while they built up board. I had a hand size of 6 and kept clearing tags in the mean time which meant they could not kill me. 1 min left on the round. No more money (2 credits) and now up to 6tags after judge and HHN. Went for last ditch attempt used my 2 multithreaders on rnd run... Atlas... PHEW!!! So close as I could no longer clear tags and they were at a point of getting a HPT win. Nail biter but great fun. We both made some mistakes which the judge corrected (1 on my runner and 1 on their runner). Thanks judges and to opponent who was a great contender to face.

Round 6: LOSS

MTI- Got 5 points early but then round after round (after they cleared my 1st estrike with score) I forgot to play my other estrike. I did a few runs by which point they were able to get more ice up. (Stupid mistake). Came down to last chance... They had 2 NISEI counters ready. 3 Ice to break with 2 upgrades and 1 card with 2 adv.Tried to hit it hard and got them down to 3 credits with 1 counter left..... they score obo and win. So close but my not playing strike and running cost me I think.

Round 7: WIN

PU again?(I think as was thinking im late to get to a wedding evening do hehe) - WIN This was down to the wire. Was much a blur but the opponent was great fun to play against.

Thanks all who ran the tournament, you all did a great job. Thanks to all the players - Always be running Thanks to the adam lovers out there - Best runner there is.