Bad Pub is Val-uable (81st at Euros 2018)

3N1GM4 364

"There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary." Brendan Behan

Really nothing particular special about this deck, I picked all the cards which seem to be in every Val deck and then filled the remaining 3 or 4 slots with other good cards.

Turntable was MVP in at least one game, where I was up against an SSO which had already scored a City Works and a Hollywood Renovations and all I had managed to steal was a measly Hostile Takeover. I've already Indexed twice and come up completely empty and have been building my board state while the corp draws through those indexings.

So, I know the top of R&D is fresh again and I'm 6-1 down, so my turn is:

Click 1: Draw into Mad Dash. Clicks 2+3: Same Old Thing -> Indexing, break ICE on R&D, see top 5 which includes another City Works and a Hostile Takeover - place both on top, gain a second Turning Wheel counter. Click 4: Mad Dash R&D, spending the Turning Wheel counters, access Hostile Takeover first, Turntable it for City Works and add to score area along with the Mad Dash, now score is 4-4. Then access the City Works as second card of Turning Wheel dig and steal for the game!

Was a very fun turn (for me more than my opponent I imagine, sorry if you're reading!) and made my day.

As for the deck, if I was going to the same tournament again, I would perhaps drop Ice Carver for Datasucker, but I dunno, I was pretty happy with how this played throughout the day.

I had good intentions of recording the results of each round and my thoughts on the games so I could review later, but this discipline only lasted one round unfortunately. But I went 9-7 and from memory think this Val list was probably responsible for more of the wins than my Corp.