Surprise Auditor's Visit (11th at Euregio)

cableCarnage 1501

Corp deck I took to Euregio went 5-2 on the day, beating Freedom, Expose 419, Apex and 2 Leelas and losing Leela and Stabby Maxx. Pretty standard tempo NEH with the plan to outpace the runner.

Card choices:

  • Remastered Edition: Speeds up the scoring plan, easy 3x in the deck.
  • Vulnerability Audit: Previous iterations ran Degree Mill. Audit felt better as you have a decent chance of scoring it. Do bottom it with DBS though as you don't ever want the runner finding it.
  • Tiered Subscription: Decent but definitely the weakest card in the deck. Probably a similar power level to PAD Campaign.
  • Tour Guide: Incredibly taxing to get through but most runners have tools to handle a single one efficiently (e.g. Laamb, Nexus, Baklan). You want 2 on the scoring remote so add as many as you can to the deck.