gagarin is dead, long live ob

cableCarnage 1226

Some folks asked me for this deck so here it is.

This is a classic board man style asset weyland deck with the new Ob id. This is likely far from optimal but should provide inspiration to all the sickos who miss gagarin.

The plan here is to land the biotic - bass - mad - boom combo. We got the universally beloved EW-HHN package to discourage running and leave us alone.

Shout out to enkoder who provided the source for early iterations.

25 Jul 2022 Radiant

Launch Campaign over Hedge Funds? Is the MAD target/extra 1c/potential shell game factor really worth not being able to just gain 4c guaranteed?

25 Jul 2022 Radiant

D'oh, and cause you can fetch it for free.

I just gave the deck a spin and was absolutely not want for cash. This was good fun, thanks for the share - gonna work on it myself :)

25 Jul 2022 Blackwing

What do you do if they make an effort to trash Chiriboga? Is that your only way to land MAD-BOOM?

25 Jul 2022 Blackwing

What do you generally target with excavator? Would seem to me many of the assets trash themselves anyway so the 3credit gain isn't getting much use.

25 Jul 2022 Radiant

@Blackwing they have to find the 1-of Bass in your deck and you'd have to have no Spin Doctors down when they do. You tutor the Bass with Ob when you trash a 4c ice for MAD.