Argus (copied from Sokka)

rapanui 4

I copied this deck from Sokka who won Canadian Nationals with it. I took it to PAX East Coast Champs and it carried me to an 11th place finish in a field of good players. I choose this deck because:

  1. Argus is an extremely mean ID, and makes every good corp card better. HHN? Better. Econ Warfare? Better. PriSec? Insane.
  2. He won Can Nats with it.
  3. People are playing some runner IDs that take quite some time to set up- Khumalo and Val's typical draws are too slow to contest the Argus rush. Most Anarchs aren't on the saucy Misdirection tec. I expect that to change sooner or later, since just having a single copy gives great percentage gains against the meta.

How to play: Jam agendas. If they don't run, you score them. If they do run, you kill them. Simple netrunner for simpletons like moi. The easiest way to lose is to Crim shenanigans, but I got lucky and dodged DoF lock this tournament. I mean, who ICEs HQ?