Laamb is BS and this is why

Funshade 141

This deck is designed around abusing Laamb

Laamb needs an AI tag so cards such as Swordsman/Turing can be includes to try and stop it. OR Laamb needs a counter ice such as the old Lotus field to counter Yog Datasucker. (Guard but "can not gain subtypes")

the main job is to weaken the defenses by requiring them to start icing archives or spend clicks drawing for ice. forcing a corp to draw means the agendas will slowly fill in the hand wile they continue to try and protect archives from alice, RND from Stargate, and HQ from just stealing the agendas.

DO NOT KNIFE UNREZZED SERVERS. your job is to make sure they have to replace the ice you trash. not access.

6 Apr 2019 em-crabtree

Presumably Surfer will rotate soonish? How strong will this be without that? You'll need to actually break multiple ice to get in, which could be a problem if there's more than one non-barrier. I suspect the trashing pressure will remain strong, but it'll be harder to maintain a complete lockdown, especially against eg. Jinja or Asa.

6 Apr 2019 Funshade

@m-crabtree truthfully. It's hard for any runner to beat a good Jinja start.

The surfer slot was initially a sentry breaker for architect, then it was datasucker, then it was surfer. Tbh I've only used surfer one game. It's a "back up plan" main plan is to destroy ice till you don't need surfer

Surfer is there as a last case scenario. You should not be fighting the remote. If you put enough pressure on archives and rnd. If they make a big Jinja server they'll eventually regret it if they can't score out early. Maw + Alice can be 2 cards out of HQ a turn, you'll be hitting RND and eventually Stargate can also almost lock them out. They'll have to draw,draw(2ed card would be new and have to be agenda Stargate did not see), install. And you will still get to trash the two other cards they drew with maw Alice.

6 Apr 2019 Funshade

looking at it now i would probobly do -1 Queen's +1 Run Amuk -1 Liberated +1 Kati -1 Surfer +1 Stargate