You don’t love Mama when you drug - 52th World only Az

b4ralai 915


You know.. it's difficult to follow parent's steps, especially when you have such a legacy to carry.

You may have tried to be creative, painting with Mom, running safely here and there playing hide and seek with uncle Jackson when you were a child.. But being a McCaffrey is an heavy burden to bear, since you will be never as good as Mom.

So you grow up, resentful, making bad companies just to upset mom. You start to hang out in the slums with a lot of new friends you didn't really care about. They come and they go, they got your attention only for your own profit and amusement since you tend to isolate yourself. You may need them for some theft in search for adrenaline, but soon the adrenaline isn't enough and that happens:

You start drug.

Things get weird, momma cries, your opponent watch you with curiosity and relief and you start


So yeah, I decided to bring az to worlds and i have to thank Mellonz for the brilliant idea to stick drug dealer in az, with the sinergy of class act! Basically you are going to sort your drawing among 4 cards each turn, having the right tool constantly without running out of steam to keep hammering every server the corp can set up. Played properly this deck can break in a 12credit server twice a turn for MAAAAAAAANY turns.

With the exception of my first game against ChaosIsMe Palana, the other 2 games i lost i did after 6 to 8 turns of r&d total lock, with 43 and 44 cards accessed (a lot.. and no double i swear nor asset spam checks) in the end. A bit of bad luck, but mostly 2 misplay from frustration breaking the lock at the only miserable worst moment.

The engine of the deck, as i said, is the stream of the card drug dealer provide you with class act, and the effciency doing so. Your resources are not permanent with the exceptions of beth, maybe. Feel free to play class act for 3 cred, draw, eat it with aesoph or isolation and start all over again. One drug dealer should be on board to help you keepin' up in the midgame, where most of the corps shine, then you can eat it. Same for bankjob that can turn the tide against asset spam (always leave one credit on it for more profit!), or just be a click for 3 credit agains glaciers. You will browse your deck very fast since you are going to check the first card of stack with paragon, click draw or beth for 2 more card choice and once the turn end two more cards to choose from by drug dealer. You'll find your rig pretty soon, and the economy too.

The rest is self explanatory except for one thing: no diversion of funds.

This deck can't keep a corp low of credit, and you really don't care about ice pricing or number most of time. So using 2 click and money only to get 4 money back (or less, or nothing) and avoid maybe a rez or stall a turn didn't look like a good plan, considering you are mostly at 4-6 cards in hand so you want squeeze the most from a click.

And here's where embezzle comes handy. It can break corp's combo wombo, while fueling you with steam, tell you if they got agenda, lowering corp's hand size to get the most from subsequent accesses, and once you visit rnd more frequently every embezzle is always a safer call!

My only regret is choosing legwork over sneakdoor beta. Having a legwork after an embezzle revealing points is cool, but is even cooler charging turning for free or for cheap while gathering info on corp's hand to squeeze the most from ebezzle!

Big thanks to Nisei for the great event, and to all my mates from TeamCamparini!

[DISCLAIMER] The deck name is a joke. Don't drug! (but some stimhack now and then)

12 Oct 2020 valerian32

Sounds very cool!

12 Oct 2020 vesper

OK, OK, you evil genius. This is a nice deck but WHERE IS THAT HORIZONTAL ARGUS LIST that gave me a headache on stream ;-D


13 Oct 2020 b4ralai

@vesper I'd better spread the love rather than spread the hate my friend!

But affections throws me off course, so here it is my friend!

13 Oct 2020 Saan

This deck is sick, yo. I dig the idea of Isolation in Az, and feel bad having never thought of it myself. Grats on your performance with your, frankly, insane choice of decklists =)

14 Oct 2020 5N00P1

Nice deck, will give it a ride!
When you don't care about the corps money, why not use Tycoon instead of Corroder?

15 Oct 2020 b4ralai

It could be a good choice if you find something really useful for the same influence. You dont care much of corp's money, but if you can't make them richer than they would it's still good. Against palana, eg, you have to give them free money already for drug dealer trigger, with tycoon on top would be too much i think! But if you have any idea how the 2-4 influence can be spent to make the deck even better it's a viable choice!