Panic AgInfusion - 2nd Brighton CO

ChrisFerg 476

This is the AgInfusion list I took to the Brighton CO. It did well all day, losing twice - once to MotionBlur on Smoke, and once to DocFooby on Padma. The first loss I basically flooded early with no econ and couldn't really get going at all; the second game was largely due to user error rather than the deck: playing IRL again is hard! It won against Sable, Padma, Hoshiko (in a game against CableCarnage that by rights he should have won, at one point surving a 2/3 HQ poke followed by a couple of 1/5's), and Esa.

We talked briefly about our thinking behind AgInfusion in the latest episode of The Process - Essentially, high strength multisub ice is a good counter to the Endurance/Amakua combo, and AgInfusion is arguably the best at playing this kind of ice effectively (since, although it often runs poor, paying for one is higher value as a boop target). It can also play Mavirus influence-free, which is a big deal in this Aumakua-heavy meta. We'll see if this kind of deck continues to be strong as the meta settles a bit, but if I was playing another CO tomorrow I'd happily take this.

Thanks so much to all of my opponents, I had such a lovely day playing IRL again and getting to see some familiar faces and some new ones. Also massive thanks to @BinaryDogs for organising, running, streaming and playing, and huge congrats to @DocFooby on the win.

3 Aug 2022 DMachineRunner

Great list, and great explanation of your metagame choices! One question, what server does Ganked! usually go on, and what ICE do you usually combine it with?

4 Aug 2022 ChrisFerg

Thanks @DMachineRunner! It usually goes in the remote, and with whatever big ice (usually anansi or chiyashi) you've managed to rez there. Often your scoring plan is "yes you can break anansi, but can you afford to break it three times (say because of Ag booping them into a rezzed central ice followed by Void) and still have enough credits to break it again when you hit ganked?"