Infinite Schminfinite (As played on Wu Tube)

Baa Ram Wu 2019

The Eternal deck from tonight’s Wu Tube stream which beat Cobrabubbles ‘infinite’ Credit Corp.

Set up a combo with Pulse and Heinlein Grid and put that credit pool right back to Zero!

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30 Oct 2023 Baa Ram Wu

PS - this is an ETERNAL FORMAT deck.

1 Nov 2023 Sauc3

Just when they think they've gone infinite.... We pulse em right back to zero!

Great stream.

3 Nov 2023 Two_EG

What if they run with their last click and trash Heinlein?

5 Nov 2023 Baa Ram Wu

@Two_EG- so we have 2 ways to punish that - firstly if they are running and trashing last click then we can just reinstall it next turn with Friends in High Places. We also have 2 copies of MIC which will stop them getting into the remote if they are trying to run that last click to avoid the Heinlein fire.