Don't Be Hasty: Penguins are a Crutch. 9th at Euros

knails 495

Don't be hasty

@stephenball and @shmeguy were working on list leading up to Euros and put me onto this list just 4 days before the event.

I only lost 1 game with CI during Swiss to Counter-Surveillance Maxx and Dropped 2 games during the Cut. The first to Dom on Valencia when I couldn't find any ICE (for the first time all weekend). The second game I lost to Asger on Hayley as I couldn't find a way to combo through Clot and multiple Sac Cons.

The list is strong, even if it's a little easier to hate on than I'd like. I'd drop GLC for a second Con-Vis and maybe a Curfew for a second CVS.

Big thanks to Stephen for the Combo, to Coolman for the support, and to Emil, Chris M, Catherine and Tris for keeping my head screwed on all weekend

4 Jun 2018 emilyspine

did you know that coolman and toby is almost an anagram of combolord

congratulations on an amazing finish, friend

4 Jun 2018 leachrode

Extremely sick, amazing play on the day and I am super jealous of how good you lot are at always finding the next busto fun thing to do with CI

6 Jun 2018 Hadrian

What do you think about Najja 1.0 instead of Vanilla (just to make life a little less convenient for Aumakua and Pirates)?

8 Jun 2018 HoneyBadger

Cool list man!! And thank you for the mention. I am glad I could help you out. Next time we see each other I expect you to be in Sweden ;)

4 Jul 2018 knails

@Hadrian I think forcing a gear check is better than letting them click through. Also "0 is a good cost to rez"