Fox News (Undefeated @ CZ/SK Nationals Swiss 10th place)

andr31 203

This is the adapted to post-rotation D2D deck. No more FIHP, no more sweeps week, but you should be fine.

Get d2d in from the beginning at all costs (including via Consulting Visit), Once youn install Aryabhata under protected servers, try to drain his econmy by wining all traces. Macrophage is magic for this deck. You can shorten the game with the HHN -> Consulting Visit -> Boom! Classic combo.

If the runner has link, try and rush a Net Quarantine.

Try not to play this deck with new players, this is the worst NPE in Netrunner in my opinion.

Apologies :(

9 Oct 2017 ANRguybrush

Try not to play this deck with new players, this is the worst NPE in Netrunner in my opinion.

Yeah this is almost worse than 54 card IG and shame on you if you are playing this in the jinteki casual lobby. I've had games where I had to defend against D2D for 30 turns. That's 90 credits. Sickening.

10 Oct 2017 Zouavez

There's no shame in playing this in jnet casual, play whatever you find fun.

10 Oct 2017 jad

@Zouavez Well done capturing the spirit of Fox News in your comment. But seriously, play this in competitive or gtfo.

10 Oct 2017 jad

Also, can't call the deck 'Fox News' without running 3 Biased Reporting. The guy even looks a bit like Bill O'Reilly.

11 Oct 2017 andr31

@jad :)) you are so right, although i plan to stay away from this deck for a while at know, to get my karma back up ;)

18 Oct 2017 Pink

@Zouavez Ignore the fun police.

6 Nov 2017 Ruu

I'm starting to think the only reason this guy got in 10th place with a deck like this is because his runner wasn't as OP as this

6 Nov 2017 EmJayBee83

Thanks for the decklist. I played this at worlds, and it makes Haley decks cry. One Haley opponent's opening turn was Hedge Fund, Daily Casts, Daily Casts, shake tag. Even that failed to provide enough econ to keep up with the door to door tax.

6 Nov 2017 Ruu

@EmJayBee83 What did this deck lose to at worlds?

6 Nov 2017 EmJayBee83

@Ruu A good stuff anarch, where I didn't draw a D2D or a Consulting Visit until turn 3. After one trace he played a Hacktavist. A Counter Surveillance Clanarch who was happy to take tag.

5 Dec 2017 Basoon

I won a store champs with this exact list. Only 15 players overall but it's a pretty strong field. The deck went 2-2 in the Swiss and 2-0 in the cut. My Maxx deck went undefeated. I feel like it wants something like DBS or Wampoa to stop your hand from filling up with agendas, but I don't know what you'd cut (especially for Wampoa since it means changing your agendas). The games it lost were to a Giest and a Haley, and it beat a Los (a newer player) and a Val in the Swiss and 2 Haley's in the cut. I don't think I'll be playing it again, by popular demand but also because it seems fairly easy to beat for a lot of runners. The Haley match up feels like you need to get a little lucky and get the lock up and running with Arya Techs (preferably 2) very fast if you don't want her to just make a ton of money and misdirect all all your HHNs.

6 Dec 2017 andr31

@Ruu u're basically right. I had Leela against a field of Jintekis... only managed to defeat one.

6 Dec 2017 Mainline

I've only been playing a year and played against this last night during a meet-up…really brutal, but really enjoyed it. Quite looking forward to playing against it again. I was running Magnum Opus so that helped a little bit, but yeah, still lost haha.