Parasucker Caster Kate, 1st Place Rayleigh Store Champ.

tomdidiot 574

Nothing much to see here, just your standard PrePaid Parasucker Kate list. This is the version I took to the Rayleigh/Essex Store Champ, the day before I the gigantic Dark Sphere SC. I was expecting a lot more NBN, and a lot less Foodcoats, so went with Parasucker to blow up Data Ravens. Beat Groober/lpoulter's Janus Foodcoats Round 2 (piloted by Groober). I won the store champ with it, but it was really my Foodcoats play that carried me.

Key Features Include: - 2 R&D Interface. Yes, it sucks against FastroHub, but against decks like Haarp or SYNC, you really do not want to be running against their R and D more often than once every two or so turns, or they'll just tax you out. - Daily Casts. Gives you a bit more cash to muck around with, without the tempo hit of ProCo, while allowing you to still run QT to find your Film Critics and Plascretes. - Zu.13 Because Quandry.

11 Jan 2016 Perry524

uuuhhhh. Check out the NAPD Most Wanted list. Enjoy 20 more days!

11 Jan 2016 tomdidiot

Sure, but we still have 20 days of pre-MWL tournaments, so we can't just ignore it :p