Missile Action Movie (1st Cardiff SC)

Chimpster 484

Expecting everyone to expect CtM, I decided to go back to a classic rejigged slightly for the current meta. It only dropped one game across the tournament and over the course of the day had to contend with Plascrete and Utopia Shard.

Game plan: Boom! If you score out, you're probably playing it wrong! Get a Breaking News scored as soon as you can, score a second agenda and then draw up like buggery for a 24/7 and a Boom. If you can score out a Profiteering, you also have a Midseasons play (and don't be afraid to 24/7 to trigger the profiteering to allow for Midseasons - it can be decisive). Be sure to throw News Teams out wherever your opponent might be running (Archives for Temujin, remotes for Whizzard etc) to slow them down. You have to go fast and largely throw caution to the wind. The longer the game goes on, the more likely you are to get R&D locked and never see Boom. Always put a Data Raven on R&D, it's one of the few pieces of ICE that will discourage repeat R&D digs and will help to score your Kitty Cats. Be wary about ditching any combo pieces, including Archived Memories. In a lot of games, you will need to trigger 24/7 twice, Boom twice etc. Finally, Targeted Marketing is pretty much just there to get rid of Employee Strike, which is death to this deck. Name something sensible like Plascrete, Siphon or Temujiin and you can't really go wrong.

Changes: Not sure on the Lily Lockwells. The deck needs more draw for sure, it's currently too reliant on Jackson drawing when you really need them to shuffle combo pieces back in. Going to experiment with other cards in those two slots. Also not sure on the Resistors, a lot of high trace decks at the moment and scoring a Profiteering pretty much turns them off anyway. Might just be better as Vanillas.

It was a fun deck to play and a little bit out of left-field so players didn't quite know how to play around it as effectively as something like CtM. One thing I would mention is that I mistakenly Midseasoned someone who had Obelus in their deck. This pretty much turned off my kill option so be wary with it, don't automatically play it if you can. Let me know how you get on with the deck and happy boomas!

11 Dec 2016 Pete

Nice one Dave. Continuing my tradition of playing your decks after you demonstrate them I've been playing your Haarp from earlier this year recently.

Going to experiment with other cards in those two slots.

I've found Preemptive Action to be pretty useful.

11 Dec 2016 Chimpster

Possibly a good option though really it's draw you're after. You need to go really quick in order to win. I think lily is still decent, you always get the draw value out of it once installed. Anonymous tip could even be a potential alternative, flood isn't as big a deal for this deck since dumping loads of agendas in archives isn't the end of the world.

11 Dec 2016 whirrun

Have you looked at special report? Admitedly I hear it's best with Lily, but I still like it.

11 Dec 2016 Chimpster

Definitely worth testing I think, not something I had considered. Could be a nice option.

11 Dec 2016 thebriarfox

...so why not just a good old fashioned Anonymous Tip?

12 Dec 2016 Smashman

Core Set draw, what is this 2012??

13 Dec 2016 tomdidiot

how many people were at the Cardiff SC?

14 Dec 2016 Chimpster

Only 12, was a little one. Still, I'll take any glory I can get my hands on ;)