Prepaid Duck Hunt (2nd place GNK)

JDC_Wolfpack 111

Clever .gif here

2nd Place at a 7 person GNK. Went 2-1. Only loss was to face planting a 4 advanced Junebug against Biotech.

Turns out Diana can't hit programs that fly away. Brahman and Birds make for excellent hunt targets. And when you're only installing breakers for a single turn LLDS becomes very powerful. Originally I looked at Sucker and Multi-Threader, but neither offered the versatility and power of LLDS when combined with Hunt and Chameleons. Scheherazade helps make money off runs because the birds are still expensive even with Hunt and LLDS.

5 Sep 2017 neuropantser

Updooted for gif and for the fact that this deck is absurd in all the right ways. Birds OP pls nerf.

7 Sep 2017 skydivingninja

Lost a game to a deck like this. 2 OP 4 me

9 Sep 2017 Qris

Cool deck! What would you think about adding Sahasrara?

11 Sep 2017 JDC_Wolfpack

@Qris Rara would be a good substitute if you wanted to spend the Scherazade influence on something else, but I do prefer the Zad to Rara.

The reason being this deck doesn't make many runs. You often either run a lightly iced server with a pair of chamelions (on Kate + Zad means this only costs 1 cred just like Rara). Otherwise you're using Hunt and then Rara doesn't help at all and Zad actually turns a profit.