12th Nats: A Glacier Azmari Deck Josh Gave Me The Day Before

CJFM 2258

5-2 at Nats. Losses to @joseki's FTT Val and Pete Johnson's Pirate Geist. Deck created by @paranoid and @sirris and acquired by way of @netjogging the day before Nats. Look, Azmari is just good. Learn to name Event and sometimes Resource (Geist/Hayley) and sometimes Program to fake the runner into Stimhacking your remote with a NGO. Fun times. Surveyor is broken. Fairchild 3 is always good except when it's your only ice and they don't care about clicking through it. Helheim won me one game, but most of the time did nothing. Could use Bio Vault, and a few of the Seattle team did that. Degree Mill/Surveyor was MVP.

Tips for playing: 1) Always Preemptive your NGOs. Once they're in the trash, the runner just camps your remote and you lose (unless you have all three surveyors and are five ice deep). 2) The deck can lose hard if it draws all News Hounds and never draws Scarcity. 3) Pirates can't dock at Navi Mumbai City. 4) finding room for archived could be nice (for trashed Echoes/Navi/Helheim) 5) Mull for good hands. 6) you have to ice everything nowadays due to DoF, Maxwell, and rebirth Omar, so consider your placement carefully.

Here's my MaxX.