PhastroBiotics (1st in GLC Retrunner2 - Core + Genesis)

RepoRogue 133

Note: Corporate War is actually Astro 2 and 3

This deck is just a bad version of Fastrobiotics. But it went 4/0 and won me the tournament.

Card choices:

Private Security Force: This agenda is blank, but it's way better than playing Corporate War and losing all of your credits if you ever score it (I didn't score a 4/2 the entire tournament, so honestly this doesn't matter).

Chimera: Simultaneously MVP of the ice suite and a huge liability. Being able to rez one of these on a central won me several games by blocking Account Siphon and Medium digging respectively.

Play of the tournament:

Nyyyyoooooooommmmm! Zooooooooommmmmm!

Big thanks to GLC for hosting this tournament! Wee Bull and Dirjel organized it (and so many other events). If you want to play around with some old cards in a low power level format, this event is really fun.