The Rig Wrecker (6th NYC Regional)

Redino987 237

Rigshooter has been in a pretty good place recently, and so I created this ridiculous monstrosity to shoot some rigs at NYC regional. It did alright on the day, 2-3, where 2 of the losses were really close matches, and the third loss was to @groenkaaf on stream where he took 7 points off of R&D in maybe 5 accesses?

Some neat stuff that this deck can do:

Rez 2 Tithonium on 0 credits

Fast Advance an SDS Drone Deployment from hand, by forfeiting an Atlas to Oberth Protocol

Fast Advance using corporate town (if they didn't run when you used it as bait in the scoring server)

Lockdown Levy AR Access, heap breakers, and regular breakers

10 Jul 2019 Cliquil

As is obligatory I am a fan of this Jemison deck. Love the ID.

Also a direction I haven't taken it . What's your standard scoring agenda combo? Do you typically aim for 2 SDS and a Hostile? Or is it 1 SDS and 2 Atlas etc? Or is just ... take what comes!

10 Jul 2019 Japoco

I’m curious about the lack of even a 1 of Trebuchet - seems to be a solid choice for rig shooter decks especially with Batty - did you just deem it too expensive or put off by the bad pub?

10 Jul 2019 Redino987

@Cliquil you take what comes to try to score out, 2 Atlas and an SDS usually does the trick, with standoff/hostile being used as fodder, and Divested being used as rude SDS stealing prevention. Primarily though, I was looking for lockout opportunities wherever possible.

@Japoco Trebuchet was expensive. The deck utilizes the ability to rez almost everything from 5 credits or less, and bad pub really hurts the deck

26 Feb 2020 Skandrino

Fun. Playing an updated version with 3x Winchester (and Drudge work cause 14 agendas) and with Masvingo instead of Ice Wall (anti-boomerang).