Miffed Val-Passant (2nd Santa Clara SC)

RedOnionKnight 161

This Hategirl (tm) deck brought me to 2nd at the Santa Clara store championship. runner side was https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/40031/crutching-the-message-2nd-santa-clara-sc. In tournaments I prefer to have at least one very fast deck. This was my fast deck on the day, I think all of my games with this deck were <10 minutes long. I dropped 1 game in the swiss and 1 in the cut with this list.

This list was copied from @shmeguy but with a few minor changes. He was running 1x spooned and no forked, additionally he had a Joshua B. I think I understand the justifications for these changes but I think its crazy not to run 2x spooned in this code gate meta. Forked is nice to have around for Ichi and I expected a bit of ETF on the day so it goes in. Joshua B is nice but comes out and I dropped an en Passant for the forked. En Passant is super good but the way I play I get to fire it much less than the cutlery events.

Every game with this deck was super fast and all the wins were the same: land a siphon or three, then medium dig. Rebirth into Omar if necessary. Its a very fun deck to pilot but it's not so much fun to be on the other side of.

The losses were to @joseki's PE and to @nobo715's Russian NEH.

The loss to PE was a brutal kill, he got me with show of force and Ronin on the same turn. Net damage is definitely my worst matchup and it showed here. I thought I was safe because of I've had worse in hand but he missed it on all the damage.

The loss to NEH was rough, there was a sansan i had the chance to trash but chose not to and it beat me behind vanilla. I found paperclip 1 turn too late and it was GG.

Very fun games and thanks to all my opponents, as well as Kendall for TO'ing and Game Kastle Santa Clara for hosting.