Big Rig Wu (5th place Toronto Regional)

NinjaMike 240

I have been tweaking this deck for a few months through store championship season and into regionals. This is decently good at countering glacier decks like Mti, but not great against really rushy decks like Titan. You really just want to mash Magnum Opus for cash and then run Indexing when or Legwork if the Corp doesn't jam any agendas. Engolo is the key to countering rush decks because you can get through most servers with just the one breaker. Laamb is just there in case you lose the Paperclip.

This deck was actually the one that failed me the most during the day, with Argus being my Corp ID. I lost to Mti and Titan in Swiss, beating another Mti and SSO. I lost in the cut to Skorpios since my main game plan was to hope to not play against Skorp.

I think in the future I would probably cut the Interdiction and Laamb and slot in 2x Sacrificial Construct. That should help the Skorpios match.

Thanks to all my opponents during the day. This was the first time I had ever made the cut in a tournament, so it was very exciting for me during the last major tournament in the area.