[SBL 21.10 playtest] - Encore Combo

rotage 2620

This is the Tao Encore Combo list I tested as part of the SBL work.

The list is a dyperish list which plays netrunner for a bit but can then use OOTA to make runs on the centrals then using the remaining clicks to play Apocalypse, Encore x2 and install Conduit. In the encore turn you play Contaminate and then run R&D for your remaining clicks

The rest of the list is just standard shaper cards, the list struggled badly vs PD with Crisum but less bad with PD without Crisum but its still a tough game, I didnt even try this vs Kakugo as I feel without tech such as Caldera you just auto lose

While testing this Cyberdex Sandbox was banned hence the inclusion of Fermenter, I really liked it but with Sandbox not banned I would look at this slot again, possibly find space for pad tap to slow the corp down

If I had to pick one list it would be the other list

Any questions feel free to ask

18 Oct 2021 Rahrhino

Haha, I was just searching for Encore decks - Nice to see you wasted no time in cooking up something cheesy :D

18 Oct 2021 rotage

@Rahrhino Lol no worries well I had to test this in case it was busted, there is possibly another version using T400 which allows you to hold more cards, but that eats up more slots but does allow equivacation and a third encore too