SOCR6 Top 8: Snow Falling On Seidrs

Sanjay 3547

I have not read Snow Falling on Cedars so I apologize if the book is bad and this deck title brings up bad associations.

I also did not look up the pronunciation of "Seidr" until after I committed to this deck title. It's more like "SAY-der". I apologize for this too.

This deck came in either third or fourth place in the most recent Stimhack Online Cache Refresh Tournament. That's pretty good!

I apologize for not doing better with it because I think the reckless influence expenditure is quite endearing, as is the whimsical ice selection, and so I'm sure people would have liked to see it win the whole thing.


P.S. The next Stimhack Online Cache Refresh tournament is starting soon. Details are here. It's a delightful tournament.

P.P.S. I also apologize to Norse mythology fans for not embracing the Seidr theme in my deck title. I only ask that you be as gentle and forgiving with me as you have been with Marvel Comics.

31 Jul 2018 JamesWinters

The third tapestry seems like REALLY bad. Also isnt Gatekeeper almost strictly better than Enigma?

31 Jul 2018 CooK_eD

The book is excellent

1 Aug 2018 emilyspine

Internet points for that deck name

1 Aug 2018 Sanjay

@Winterspring Gatekeeper was not legal for this Cache Refresh tournament. I adore Gatekeeper. I don't expect to play a lot of Enigma in purple decks from here on out, tbh.

@CooK_eD I appreciate it!

1 Aug 2018 Sanjay

@emilyspine That's all I ever wanted.

1 Aug 2018 rex_monolith

Maybe you should have used "Seidr house rules" (another good book)

1 Aug 2018 Sanjay

I find posting Cache Refresh decks on this website to be a really good way of getting book recommendations.

Thank you!

1 Aug 2018 moistloaf

it's actually "Say-Thur"

4 Aug 2018 CryOfFrustration

Haha you came across my article after publishing this, didn't you? :D I only just randomly saw your article cause I'm trying to make an idea for SOCR7 and was looking for ideas.

For reference: