Turntable Hayley (3-2 @ York SC)

swearyprincess 134

I got this decklist at 1am from 3N1GM4, who hadn't played it but had got it from PaulyG, who in turn had played a few jnet games with it but wasn't going to get to take it to an event. Sleeved it, played a test game and went to bed.

It's pretty simple to play - install RDI when you get it, stick the Gebrselassie on Engolo and break into R&D until you win. Corp got a Border Control or Kakugo potentially messing up your plans? Break it with Ankusa and it flies back to their hand before it can make you sad. Sell everything to that crazy man with the cybernetic arm if you need money.

Dropped two games, one in R3 vs Sports Combo (in which I had Artist Colony out but didn't sac enough agendas because I was broke - should have sacced one for Cache) and then in the cut vs Mti where I ran out of money (again, should have sacced my Fan Site for a Cache, to fund the extra subroutine break I needed to steal the winning agenda but had gone down to 0 credits). Moral of the story, sacrifice stuff for Cache.

Highlights of the day:

  1. Facing a Triple Hydra into Surveyor remote with two of the Hydra rezzed via Oversight AI, working out how to get in most efficiently for the next IAA card and accidentally winning from R&D before it became relevant. Not gonna lie, that server looked scary AF until I realised killing the two Hydra would cut the Surveyor in half.
  2. Stealing a NISEI Mk2 and switching it for the corp's loaded Corporate Sales Team TWICE in the cut game :D
13 Mar 2019 paulyg

Congrats on the great result! Ankusa is so fun :)

13 Mar 2019 swearyprincess

I only used it twice, and the second time probably cost me the game cos I was trying to be clever but he was MTI and just put it back down again XD

15 Mar 2019 NtscapeNavigator

Aww you didn't include the photo I took of the snipe.

18 Mar 2019 swearyprincess

@Blonde Haired Hacker Girl that is easily fixed :D