[Speedrunning Startup] Motorcycle Ayla

Sanjay 3498

This list was developed for the stream "Speed Running the Startup format", Pouchsurfer and my attempt to set a world record by winning a game with each of the Startup runner IDs with only 20 minutes per ID. Check out the stream here on Saturday, July 2nd, 1 PM EST.

Firstly, apologies. I got the bones of this deck off of Veronica on Green Level Clearance, but I know there were more people behind the the idea of Motorcycle Ayla than that. This is just sloppy provenance and I welcome additions in the comments.

The Essence of the deck

To me, the essence of Bios is having tricks at the ready, and putting together combos. Now, Bios can't combo quite as hard in Startup as she's combo'd historically in some larger formats, but Swift and Deep Dive seem like a worthy combo to tunnel on and build around.

Hopefully, we can keep the corp honest on the remote with tricks like Tread Lightly and efficient breakers, while digging for our mega accesses.