CTZ_SNACK_BOYZ (1st MKE regional, top American swiss, 3-0)

ctz 3932


I had a dream about this moment...when I was constructing decks...during my stay in a beautiful 2 day spa just outside of Milwaukee,WI. I sit on my bed; decks sprawled out atop the top bed covers.


Sleep deprived and oh just so sweaty from Satan's humidity, I looked at the mess before me. My neighbor Valencia walked in, a middle aged lady. At the notice of a very large deck size, my PE deck sprung from the bed and said "No Valencia! You can handle this damage". I agreed and pushed that away from my sight. Cybernetics? How does one even spell that? Again, Valencia flaunted her large deck size. Cybernetics started to arise from the bed, slowly placing its contents into the tomb from which it came. At that moment, I traveled back in time to where the evening hadn't started. A simple family. Mother and two snack boyz. It came to me as quickly as I had remembered it. And I said "No, Cybernetics, shut your mouth, and show the people your heart. The rest does not matter. You must take your heart and consecrate with the mind of the Titan. I want the people to watch what is going to be consecrated approximately 1.35 hours away from this beautiful 2 day spa retreat. And I will bring my stream down here, and they will watch."

(new mwl)

22 Jul 2019 Orbital Tangent


22 Jul 2019 spags

Let the Snack Boys watch.


22 Jul 2019 spags

Seriously, tho, grats on the victory. I was just happy that a coastal ANR elite finally decided to stop in a flyover state for once, even if it cost WI a win.

22 Jul 2019 Zerothmaxima

The 36 lessons of CTZ

22 Jul 2019 Paranoid31

Immaculate ICE suite vs the Anarch-heavy field. All those Vals had no answer for the snack boyz and momma.

22 Jul 2019 charlie_xavier

yeah this is great n all but wheres that old man runner list? 👀👀👀👀

22 Jul 2019 ctz

@charlie_xavierI still gotta make the GIF for that tonight so I'll post later

1 Aug 2019 scd