Level zero val (1st UK nats)

timfast 336

Level 0- just play the same Val list you've been playing for weeks, it seems a bit busted.

Level 1- worry that while you're way ahead of all the corps, sometimes you lose in agonizing fashion to gearchecks. Go to 8/9 conspiracy breakers and Maxwel, cut the mining accidents which you never play against rush anyway.

Level 2- realise that while the outfit, argus and mti are most of the meta they're all secretly terrible decks (face facts people and move on), and that the real threat comes from CI and Gagarin. Consider going back up to 3 accident, pol op and a hacktivist.

Level 3- suggest to Seamus and Chris that maybe rumour mill is better than strike in this meta. Listen to Seamus' suggestion that the influence saved can go on apoc, giving you a brilliant deck that probably can't lose to asset spam, can disrupt CI and still play like reg val against the field..... then remember you've never played apocolypse before and nationals is tomorrow. You're just going to need to find a reg deck that can play accidents and not lose to rush

Level 0.

27 Aug 2018 timfast

PS Alexander D White is at galaxy brain playing hijacked router

27 Aug 2018 sologamer

and Chris and Seamus took rumor mill to nationals lolll you monster :0

28 Aug 2018 Seamus

Truly this list is an embarrassment.