SOCR9 Azmari (1st, 10-0 overall)

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This is the decklist I took into the finals match against @webster, who was on Liza. This deck started the tournament as a Punitive list but, after my second match of the tournament, I thought it better to switch. Nothing too interesting here--get money, install a bunch of taxing ice, drain the runner's credit pool, and score out.

Ideally (and especially against Leela), Echo Chamber is the fourth or seventh point, with seventh probably being the best. Ash and Bio Vault did a lot of work throughout the tournament, but the Red Herrings ended up being only so-so. If the goal was to tax the runner out, I guess they helped do that. And I often pre-rezzed them after a Falsified hit to prevent the runner from getting more money with a follow-up one. Once rezzed, they acted as good deterrents to challenging the remote. The 1x DtM was to get those ECs back if they got trashed, shuffle back in some decoys like NGO or defensive upgrades, or play through the rare agenda flood.

Hydra was surprisingly good in this format and ended up winning me multiple games, including the ones in the final.

Big thanks to @sanjay for organizing such a great tournament!

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24 Jun 2019 x3r0h0ur

hail hydra

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I mean, yeah.