Legion of Boom - First Place GvC 2016 (50 Players)

Charlesworth 73

This deck went 6-0 on the day which along with my runner was good enough for 1st place at the Gaming vs Cancer random ID tournament. For the tournament, we were all assigned random IDs months before and given time to practice/build a list.

This deck is trying to kill you dead. It did have to score out against Apex in round 5 but made up for it by killing through double Plascrete the next round.

The deck is pretty powerful and really fun to play although, to be honest, like my runner deck there is probably a better ID for it (looking at you NEH).

A note on a few choices:

The Combo - This deck has a Power Shutdown combo in it. For those who do not know how it works you just Power Shutdown your deck, then install and pop Jackson shuffling back BOOM!, BOOM! and 24/7 News Cycle. Then you play Accelerated Diagnostics to play all of those cards with your last click for 14 damage. I only triggered it once in the tournament but I think it is still a good option for the deck. It is tricky to score out with this deck (although I did manage it once, scoring an Astro helped) and sometimes a little bit of damage prevention can do a long way so having a path to blow past that can give you victories you did not have before.

All-Seeing I, Salem's Hospitality, Tar Mar, HHN - These are all one of partly because they are pretty niche and partly because I was hedging my bets in this tournament. HHN is tough to land and make it well in Haarps because you are not Sync. I was playing two but I think one is right. All-Seeing I was nearly cut in favor of a 2nd Tar Mar but was pretty nice against DLR Leela. I would consider cutting it if you are expecting a lot of Rumour Mill. Salem's was not played on the day and I am not sure how good it is in general. It can hit I've Had Worse if they have Plas + IHW but other than that it does not do a ton, it was more of a hangover from when the deck was a Scorched Earth deck.

3 DBS - This was really good because it not only allows you to filter your draws but means you have enough non-agenda cards to install that everything you install is not immediately run and scored.

1 Gutenberg/Archangel/Data Raven/Little Engine - This is a bit of a pet ICE suite for me. I like having at least one of these effects but rezzing most of this ice is expensive or potentially ineffectual so they don't get the second copy.

Sorry there are no memes, let me know what you think of the deck :)

14 Nov 2016 lunchmoney

Well done for not having any memes in your write up.