[Startup] Nuclear Sub - 6th at NH Circuit Opener

funkeyman232 29

I had such an incredible time at my first Netrunner tournament. Huge shoutouts to the Neon Static crew for a great event, and congrats to Boston-meta local NotAgain for taking 2nd!

Not feeling confident in my running, I netdecked the now-famous Nuclear Submarine list. Metropole Grid's version seemed the most consistent Padma Boat list to me, with solid breakers and K2CP turbine for backup/late game. It felt like the deck to beat on the day, with 5 total Padma's in the tourney.

Despite its strength, I went 1 win, and 2 nail-biting draws.

Game 1: Smooth sailing, with the draw and econ engine running extremely well against Built to Last. Their ice wasn't enough to keep me out, and thank god they didn't draw their Mutually Assured Destruction.

Game 2: Jinteki PE. I hit two Nightmare Archives in HQ on the same turn, in the first few rounds. That was enough to drag the game out, and I hit the third Nightmare archive late. I took negative points for all three, but should have taken the core damage for the 3rd. I ultimately scored 8 points worth of agendas, and was ahead with 5 points when time was called, but my opponent scored a Blood in the Water as a 2/2 on his last turn to steal the draw.

Game 3: Boat vs. Boat. This was the best and most tense game against Ob. I pulled ahead in tempo, with an early boat and Wake Implant, followed by a midgame conduit. My deep 6 card digs weren't finding many agendas, and the corp played extremely well despite being locked out for much of the game. When time was called, it was 5 points to 3 in my favor. The corp placed 3 cards from hand in new remote servers, unprotected. I checked two, than ran hq then rnd for the 7 card dig and came up short. He scored 3/2 from the last card, and stole the draw to make the cut. My top 4 dreams were crushed.