45 simpleton cards and 1 indexing, 49th at worlds

bblum 4249

I played this and made day 2 with it, then scrubbed out below the cut. Jason made and refined this deck over several months preceding worlds, then the night before when we learned about the PU deck I decided we had to add the indexing back in. We reviewed every one of the 45 and decided we'd rather go up to 46 than cut it for indexing, so 46 it was. Just like old times.

Matchups were a loss vs IT dept agroplex, win vs titan, win vs rewiring CI, win vs PU (thanks to indexing), win vs titan, win vs gagarin, and on day 2, loss vs IT dept agroplex, loss vs rewiring CI (should have won this one but was already out of the cut so wasn't focusing anymore).

This is basically a less teched-out version of the 2nd place hayley. We didn't know about the da vinci tech vs best defense or the brahman tech vs ashigaru so those are probably pretty obvious swaps to make. We also stayed on astrolabe rather than heartbeat because we were expecting more CTM/gagarin, but that turned out to be a worse call at worlds than it was for KoS. Also this deck doesn't have nearly enough lady counters to beat tithonium, even when ITD isn't involved, and I was totally ambushed by that build from the brits. Any build of this also kinda folds to the fair/glacier CI builds, so I think the levy/sifting build is better going forward.

corp deck https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/46642/ashigaru-glacier-ci-49th-at-worlds

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