Illegal Trash Fire 3-1, 9th place SOCR 6

RepoRogue 133

Being an extremely responsible person I registered a week late for SOCR 6 after I had missed the first round. As a result, my first round was counted as me being swept by an opponent with zero strength of schedule. This would come to haunt me when I narrowly missed the cut on SoS. Yes, I'm still salty.

My deck itself is pretty straightforward: I want to score Obokatos by stacking Kakugos and Data Loops along with defensive upgrades. Besides that, it's pretty much just money. Shipment from Tenin is meant as a cheaky way to score my last points uncontested, but I never played it. It's a very solid that can win really quickly and can effectively punish the runner for contesting it. Powerful IDs are even better in SOCR where most runners (save for the minifactions) have to choose between C&Cs neutral econ, their own faction specific big box, and Data & Destiny for E-Strike.

After the tournament ended I realized I was illegally running two copies of Ash while there is only one in the revised core set. Since I didn't rez even a single copy of Ash, I don't think it affected the results at all. Nevertheless, in honor of my deck being illegal and containing an inappropriate quantity of Ash, I've named it Illegal Trash Fire.

Finally, it's worth noting that my only loss of the tournament was my first game with this deck when I was trying to run Jinja City Grid. Turns out it was bad, but luckily this format lets you modify your deck between rounds and I was able to put together something solid. Thanks, SOCR!