BnE/DDM Geist

Tamijo 135

Published for Preston Regionals.

The actual version on the day was short 2 DoF, and I could not tell you what I used instead. Props to I THINK Akira for the DDM tech? Someone over on the UK Slack made a point about it. Maybe Aki? I honestly don't remember who. Let me know!

The deck overall performed poorly, but I also punted a game so swings and roundabouts.

R1 Vs Jinteki I span through my deck and they kept their board really tight, making zero remotes. Kept Spy Camming and seeing zero Agendas. At some point they discard down to hand size, and then later install 2 remotes. I let them lie because I didn't fancy losing all the tempo in the world to a Snare or whatever before I was set up and got Chronos Projected for about 30+ cards. More fool me. Ran the other remote the following turn knowing I'm close to just dieing to net damage and it was another SSL to which he says "Had to get them out there", so I Legwork HQ and find another SSL, and with 1 card left in hand and deck run Archives and find the Corporate Sales Team. The previous turn he drew a Preemptive and didn't fire it off. Also won Corp Game.

R2 Vs Swiftie on Palana Foods. He made some really weird actions in the middle of an IP Block Encounter where I thought I'd avoided the tag but he hadn't removed it, and then passed the turn with a tag. Wasn't happy about the way that played out at all, but whatever. 0-2'd this round.

R3 Vs Matt. Apparently Argus? I don't remember this at all. Double loss. The Corp Game was awful. 419 Vs CtM is not a fair fight. :(

R4 Vs Jack on Skorp. Geist did a thing that involved putting cards into the bin and other cards into my hand. The game ended on me DDMing and seeing a Hunter Seeker, and then him forcing me to contest a remote a couple of turns later. I said "Go ahead..." and then he clicks to draw the Hunter Seeker that I thought he'd just drawn to kill my SOT which locks me out of being able to Levy, so I just win the old fashioned way instead.

R5 Vs Rich on Azmari. I rummage through the bin for things whilst Rich gets Richer. This seems like a decent MU for Azmari, but I felt like I had the tech, but the deck fell apart a bit. We were both on Geist and neither of us managed to actually gain any traction in the early game. Corp Split.

Not a detailed run down of the deck or tournament. Just writing it up for those interested.