Mission accomplished (4-3 & 6th at EU/AFR)

Matuszczak 2299

This deck was created to beat Lat. It took it's destiny very seriously and ended up going 4-0 vs Lat and 0-3 against Hoshiko in the tournament. The stats do not do it justice, the Shaper matchup isn't a walk in the park and Anarchs are not unbeatable, but the Hippo and Apocalypse matchups are admittedly heavily runner-favored.

Most games will require two remotes and weaving a web of Trieste, Hakarl, NAC and upgrade threats between them. The deck is poor and relies heavily on the Architects ability to rez ICE.

Objectively, I can't say it's a tier 1 deck. It does have a game against almost any runner, though and in a runner favored meta the plan was to win everything with Lat and find enough corp wins to make the cut. A lot did not go according to that plan, but in the end it got me my first continental top cut.

Shout out to MrBuggles, an old friend from when I lived in Frankfurt for outplaying me 3 times, the Polish Netrunners for the support and fellow Unband members for all the practice and desperate search for playable corps.

5 Sep 2022 Longi

What a refreshing change in top cut. Congrats on the placement;)

5 Sep 2022 internet_potato

As a long time aot stan, o7

6 Sep 2022 boreira


31 Aug 2023 rosydam

I am forever grateful for the love and support you have shown me, and I will cherish it always. only up online