Longing for Endurance (3rd Place Spokane CO)

mystermerry 30

When I first heard that Endurance was getting the ban hammer, I felt a complicated mix of emotions. I saw what it was doing to the meta, but I also loved the crap out of that card. It felt so quintessentially shaper (my preferred faction) and it made playing shaper much more enjoyable. Unfortunately though, rising boats lift all tides. Everyone was getting on the boat-train and the waterways became congested and all boats had to be relegated to startup and eternal.

Thus I began deckbuilding, trying my best to recapture that wondering feeling of being able to break through any ice with total disregard for type. I started with Kit. Kit doesn’t care what type of ice you are; everything’s a code gate to kit (terms and conditions apply). Neither does Engolo (terms and conditions apply). Want to encounter more code gates on the field? Inversificator can totally make it happen (terms and conditions apply). Still more ice you need to get through? Mass-Driver can take care of that (terms and conditions apply; bonus points for being as expensive as a boat).

Everything else fell in place around this. It’s memory heavy so I needed a chonky console that wasn’t completely useless. How can I get them out as fast and cheaply as possible? Spark of Inspiration. How do I make it even cheaper? Prepaid VoicePAD. I also needed lots of money to fund this not-exactly-efficient rig. And as the final garnish, a Hippo.

She doesn’t move fast but once she gets going she can get into the deepest servers you’ve seen (terms and conditions apply). I placed 3rd in a Spokane, WA CO, going 2-1, losing to Azmari when I didn’t have enough credits to steal a Bellona. A strange and unusual deck, but I love her all the same.

3/3/2023: RIP Endurance

11 Apr 2023 Quelanna

Can confirm, hard to keep this shaper out. Light the Fire! is such a fun tech piece. Worked well vs my deck at least :D